Kickstarter Backer Support Tool?

Dear Lazyweb: As I eye Kickstarter for funding (and marketing) tools for my next project, I’m realizing something that I feel should exist already and doesn’t. Since it doesn’t already exist, I feel it’s either against the rules as I can’t be the only person to see the need.

When your project gets funding, there’s the matter of reward fulfillment. Right now the process is creating a survey for each tier asking the info you need to deliver the reward. You can only ask this survey once. As a backer, you can only submit this info once and after 10 minutes  it’s locked in. Need to change it? Manual contact and update for both sides. Change of address? Contact project directly for manual update. You’re asked to wait till you can make send the final award to users, but what if you a digital package to devlier sooner than a physical package? It’s horrible support mess.

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Double Fine Increases Kickstarter Pledges released an article showing that Kickstarter pledges increased by a lot when the Double Fine project started, excluding Double Fine pledges.

When this first started, a few people I know had concerns that a ‘big’ company was doing the Kickstarter thing. The fear that it would drain from smaller efforts. But it seems Double Fine shed light to the investment model to a wider audiences, and now they’re more comfortable with a Kickstarter project.

With a group of people who grew up on the concept of pre-orders, Kickstarters aren’t much of a stretch to gamers. Add in more value to the investment than GameStop, and not actually paying GameStop, it’s a win-win for everyone!