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  • Game Innovation?

    There’s something that I find funny about a list of ‘game innovations.’ Are we talking technical innovations or creative design innovations? And is there really a difference to begin with? Or should we even care about innovations? Case in discussion point: Top 10 Game Innovations 2007 by James Portnow on Next Generation. Right point 10, […]

  • Required Reading List

    Posted up an article page that lists (mostly) the books that I’ve used since my undergraduate years and to this day. Feel free to take a look and/or suggest more for the list! Required Reading

  • Games and Academics

    For years as I was going through my undergraduate work at Emerson College, the weekly tradition of watching [adult swim] as my weekly fill of television would occasionally be tainted with a certain advertisement. A certain school with a ‘gaming degree program’ spot starts out with the question about why ‘you’ haven’t made your video […]

  • Beginnings

    The way I want to start out this blog is to explain why I am setting this up. The idea of making my first post as a meta-post is entirely fitting for both myself and this blog as I like my meta with meta and a side order of meta. When I left the educational […]