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  • A Video Game Legacy

    A Video Game Legacy

    After all these years, I finally visited the Letterman Digital Arts Center. The series of buildings that house most of LucasFilm and related offices. And of course, the Yoda statue. For the longest time I had this thought it was blocked off because… fandom. And the 24-hour staffed gate at the parking lot. After a…

  • Super Nintendo World Viewed as a Game & Experience Designer

    Super Nintendo World Viewed as a Game & Experience Designer

    On Wednesday Feb 22, 2023, my friend Jeremy and I got to experience the first video game based theme park land in the North America: Super Nintendo World (SNW) at Universal Studios Hollywood. Having a background in both video game development and immersive experience design, I wanted to share thoughts on Nintendo’s first collaboration and…

  • Saying Goodbye to The Rathskeller Club

    Saying Goodbye to The Rathskeller Club

    Seg reflects on his final goodbye to the San Francisco immersive theatre venue of the last seven years.

  • Games Seg Worked On

    Games Seg Worked On

    “Games Seg Worked On” is a streaming series where John “Seg” Seggerson plays through all of the games he worked on in his career spanning from 2007 to 2014.

  • Sam & Max: Save The World! Again!

    Sam & Max: Save The World! Again!

    Seg shares thoughts about the remaster of his first commercially released video game, “Sam & Max: Save the World”.

  • Carrie, Dan, & Yulia

    Carrie, Dan, & Yulia

    A year ago today, three friends were lost at sea. It was the last day of PAX Seattle 2019. When I left the conference, I went to Pike Place Brewery to have a drink. Cyn texted saying they were on the Conception boat where a fire occurred early in the morning. I had seen some…

  • Seg’s Disneyland Resort Guide

    Seg’s Disneyland Resort Guide

    Seg gives a few tips to enjoy your time at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA.

  • My Telltale Layoff: A Follow Up

    My Telltale Layoff: A Follow Up

    I loved working at Telltale Games. This is what happened to me for that dedication.

  • Interactive Fiction & Netflix

    Interactive Fiction & Netflix

    This article won’t contain spoilers. I haven’t experienced Bandersnatch yet. As 2018 came to a close, Netflix released Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, an interactive film exclusive to the platform. Black Mirror is our current time’s Twilight Zone where the genre allows for a deep dive into a single idea of fiction and allowing us to reexamine…

  • Telltale Games: 2004 – 2018

    Telltale Games: 2004 – 2018

    There’s… there’s a lot for me to say. I still find myself deciding on what is appropriate. I’m trying to find the line between the sudden freedom I have in speaking about my time during and especially after my layoff in 2012, but not drowning the voices and needs of the 250+ souls who not…