Your Video Game System Knowledge

Here’s a online test that Kotaku posted today that really got my brain going:

Can You Name the Video Game Systems (Released in the U.S.)?

As someone who studies video game history, the test really kicked my ass. Under the cut (or huge spoiler line) are my analysis of my results, but a few tips. The auto-correction is very good and will take most acronyms as well as the official titles. So if it’s not firing off as correct, you are either wrong or need to be more specific. “Sega” alone doesn’t cut it. For reference, I got 25/68 and kicking my self for forgetting three of them.


I thought about putting this above the spoiler, but it would give away answers. The Game & Watch is a bit contradictory with the ‘single game system’ rule. G&W were a series of single game systems; No cartridges replacing games. There’s also things missing like Leapfrog systems which fit the definition. Just because the target audience is different doesn’t make it not a console system.

The three I bonked myself in the head for forgetting: Dreamcast, PSP, and 3DO.

The rest of what I missed were either me forgetting the exact number for the Atari systems, forgetting the word ‘Odyssey’ for the Magnovox systems, me not realizing that the Sega Master Systems were indeed released in the US, N-Gage was marketed as a game system, and forgetting to list out things that are currently on the Virtual Console for the Wii. Some of the rest of the entries are systems I never read about or were obscure enough that I never even heard of!

Needless to say, it’s time for me to do some reading on a few of these systems. Like the Nomad for example or the Mega Duck, if only for the name!

One response to “Your Video Game System Knowledge”

  1. I used to own a Nomad. It was pretty awesome. Then it got stolen.

    I’m proud of guessing the GP2X, but for some reason, I missed the PSP as well (maybe I had to spell it out fully). Also I was thrown off because the Atari (PONG) was there, but the Atari 800 wasn’t. So I didn’t guess the 5200 or the 7800.

    It also doesn’t have the Game Boy Pocket – I guess slim versions don’t count.

    29/68, btw.