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  • Super Nintendo World Viewed as a Game & Experience Designer

    Super Nintendo World Viewed as a Game & Experience Designer

    On Wednesday Feb 22, 2023, my friend Jeremy and I got to experience the first video game based theme park land in the North America: Super Nintendo World (SNW) at Universal Studios Hollywood. Having a background in both video game development and immersive experience design, I wanted to share thoughts on Nintendo’s first collaboration and…

  • Games Seg Worked On

    Games Seg Worked On

    “Games Seg Worked On” is a streaming series where John “Seg” Seggerson plays through all of the games he worked on in his career spanning from 2007 to 2014.

  • My Friend Jory & Dreamfall Chapters

    My Friend Jory & Dreamfall Chapters

    This Friday June 17th, the final episode of Dreamfall Chapters will close a story told over 17 years. Starting with The Longest Journey in 1999, the storyline has been with me for my post high school professional career. This will be one of the last titles with the work of my friend, Jory Prum. I first met…

  • In Defense of Subtitles

    In Defense of Subtitles

    A few weeks ago Jonathan Blow talked about his incorporation of subtitles into his next title The Witness. He brought to light one of the fundamentals of gaming that are sometimes treated as foregone conclusions: Subtitles.

  • Antidote

    Seg publicly releases his New Media BFA thesis: Antidote.

  • History of Video Games Museum Exists

    Can a history museum for electronic games do an accurate job when influenced by a toy museum?

  • The Corporation for Public Gaming

    “Funds for this game were provided by The Corporation for Public Gaming.” When television and radio started, different countries took different choices in how the airwaves would be regulated. In England, taxes are levied on all radios and television sets to fund programming. Some countries have all media run directly by the state. In the…