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  • Interactive Fiction & Netflix

    Interactive Fiction & Netflix

    This article won’t contain spoilers. I haven’t experienced Bandersnatch yet. As 2018 came to a close, Netflix released Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, an interactive film exclusive to the platform. Black Mirror is our current time’s Twilight Zone where the genre allows for a deep dive into a single idea of fiction and allowing us to reexamine…

  • Eventbrite’s Lack of Account Management

    Eventbrite’s Lack of Account Management

    Seg vents about the lack of proper user permissions in Eventbrite’s management system.

  • The Quick Indie Guide to Protecting Your Accounts

    Hello! If a friend linked you here, it’s because they care about your online accounts from getting seriously steamrolled. While there’s always a degree of risk, these steps will cut that risk significantly. Where at worse, if one account becomes compromised, it doesn’t give the keys to everything else you have. Update: Crash Override Network’s tool C.O.A.C.H.…

  • Steam WebAPI Proposal

    Steam WebAPI Proposal

    Seg releases a proposal to the Steam WebAPI.

  • Kickstarter Backer Support Tool?

    Seg ponders on better support tools for managing Kickstarter backers.

  • Firefox Versioning is Out of Hand

    I’m a Firefox user since the 1.0 days. I did my part for the campaign when working at Emerson College helpdesk and getting people away from IE 6. Since then I have moved on to Chrome as my primary browser, but I still use Firefox for the Something Awful forums extension, various HTML developer extensions, and my √úmloud!…

  • My Expanding Battery

    My Expanding Battery

    Seg experiences an expanding battery.

  • My Digital Library is Cloudy

    Seg reviews how he manages his music across devices using a Network Area Storage device and Amazon S3.

  • Synergy: A Software KVM

    Synergy: A Software KVM

    Synergy allows you to run any number of different computers on different operating systems from one keyboard and mouse.

  • The Problem of DirectX

    Going to detract a bit and have a very technical post than usual. I apologize in advance. Since the background is rather wordy, I’m going to start with the assertions, then the context under the cut. The Point of This Post: Users of Windows 7 will still need to run programs in DX10 and DX9.…