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  • “Shipping the Empty Box” Confirmed for PAX Dev!

    “Shipping the Empty Box” Confirmed for PAX Dev!

    “Shipping the Empty Box,” a panel by Seg, will be at PAX Dev 2014.

  • Child’s Play, Ümloud! & Anitdote

    A few quick items of what’s been going on in my life and what’s to come. Child’s Play, Ümloud!, PAX East Panels For PAX East 2011, I reprised my role in the Child’s Play Charity panel. This time it was extra special as Kristin revealed the first full-time hire for Child’s Play, Jamie Dillion! You…

  • Ümloud! Worked!

    To say Ümloud! was a huge success is an understatement! In 8 weeks we rebranded, filed as a non-profit, and made a successful event for our first year. $7000+ to Child’s Play successful. We certainly learned a few lessons this year which we’ll implement along with our ‘for next year’ list. Right now I’m compiling…

  • Throwing the Hat in for PAX

    Filling out the application for speaking at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) on Higher Education in video games. Since the Boing Boing interview, I’ve had a strong desire to start a substantive debate of the roll of academics with the video games industry. What sparked my desire to do this lecture came from a conversation…

  • Back from PAX

    PAX was a very wonderful time! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves games of any sort. PAX is a very different tone of conference. Specifically for gamers; Not tacked on to a larger conference of other forms of media, nor a professionals only club. This is very significant in focus. I’ve been to…

  • See you at PAX!

    Checking in that I’ll be at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) starting tomorrow. I may or may not have my laptop back, so I’m unsure about being able to post. I will have my iPhone and will be uploading photos right as I take them. You’ll be able to view them all here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/the_seg/