How I Almost Killed Amanda Palmer – Part 1

I want to talk about a project that didn’t end up happening and share a story about my personal realizations of my own success. How I reached the point where I don’t desperately need to work on a project for a major recording artist, but I can choose and wanted to work with one. This is also the platform to show my goals for this project: Enabling the players to realize their own potential in art.

This is the story of “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?” – The Alternate Reality Game (ARG)
The unreleased version by me, Seg.

Who killed Amanda Palmer? CD dédicacé
Photo by Marie Guillaumet.

This will be a two or three part series of posts. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and one 3000+ word post isn’t good for anyone. It may take a day or two between posts, but I’ll get to it. This would be a good time to subscribe to the Seg On Media RSS feed

Before I continue, I want to make crystal clear that there is no ill will between me and Amanda Palmer & associates. Things didn’t work out and it was nothing personal. Incidentally, the album is available pretty much everywhere. I also want to note that I’m not going to comment on the ARG that was released for the album as it’s simply not my place to comment. That said, I am glad that a project did happen when I was unable to produce the project.

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