How I Almost Killed Amanda Palmer – Part 2

This is a two part series! Read part one to start.

Since I moved to San Francisco, I always end up backstage the first time I visit a concert venue. This comes from being a vegan baked goods delivery service for Jenny Owen Youngs. This was a favor for my friend Lynn, baker for the Rockstars. This time I didn’t have brownies in my hands, but I would have an audience with Amanda Palmer at the Filmore.

Meeting with Internal Staff

The morning of Sunday May 18th, I met with Margot Cannon, who would be my co-conspirator for this project. While I was planning the ARG assets to be completed by the Palmer Art Army, I needed someone to help me with the writing, planning, and general ‘I know a guy/girl’ task assignments.

While we had talked quite a bit before that morning, this was the first face to face about the project. We got a few things put together, but it’s extremely hard to plan this out when you have no access to the source material, regardless of its status. We were flying blind, thus our plans were pretty wide open.

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How I Almost Killed Amanda Palmer – Part 1

I want to talk about a project that didn’t end up happening and share a story about my personal realizations of my own success. How I reached the point where I don’t desperately need to work on a project for a major recording artist, but I can choose and wanted to work with one. This is also the platform to show my goals for this project: Enabling the players to realize their own potential in art.

This is the story of “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?” – The Alternate Reality Game (ARG)
The unreleased version by me, Seg.

Who killed Amanda Palmer? CD dédicacé
Photo by Marie Guillaumet.

This will be a two or three part series of posts. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and one 3000+ word post isn’t good for anyone. It may take a day or two between posts, but I’ll get to it. This would be a good time to subscribe to the Seg On Media RSS feed

Before I continue, I want to make crystal clear that there is no ill will between me and Amanda Palmer & associates. Things didn’t work out and it was nothing personal. Incidentally, the album is available pretty much everywhere. I also want to note that I’m not going to comment on the ARG that was released for the album as it’s simply not my place to comment. That said, I am glad that a project did happen when I was unable to produce the project.

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