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  • Carrie, Dan, & Yulia

    Carrie, Dan, & Yulia

    A year ago today, three friends were lost at sea. It was the last day of PAX Seattle 2019. When I left the conference, I went to Pike Place Brewery to have a drink. Cyn texted saying they were on the Conception boat where a fire occurred early in the morning. I had seen some…

  • This Photo

    This Photo

    Seg recounts his one job: Lacing Amanda Rose’s wedding corset.

  • Auto-complete Insensitively

    For years I’ve been meaning to look this up. Finally did this morning. When working in CLI ( on Mac), you can hit tab to auto-complete a path. However, it’s case sensitive unless you set this up: echo “set completion-ignore-case On” >> ~/.inputrc

  • Making an API: The Steam WebAPI Proposal

    Making an API: The Steam WebAPI Proposal

    Steam WebAPI Proposal by Seg Developing my updated portfolio, I realized I had a lot of API development experience that was internal and can’t be disclosed in the public. While I’m accomplished in interactive narratives, I needed to supplement my portfolio with my technical design aspect background. I decided to make a proposal to extend…

  • F√ľnde Razor is On!

    Last Tuesday, Chris Kohler and I signed the venue contract, so it’s really official now: Wed. December 9th, 20097pm – 2amSan Francisco: DNA LoungeNYC, Denver, Austin, & Portland: TBA The other cities haven’t reported in with an official date/venue yet, but they will happen. In the next few months we’ll have plenty of information about…

  • Seg Announces Presidential Ambitions

    I’m amazed at how good this is done. Nice to see some creative writing and simple-yet-effective Flash use. Not to mention how this sells the marketing firm’s services.

  • The Life of Seg: April 2008 Edition

    Checking in on the blog and going to use some lame excuses as to why I haven’t been contributing too much to ye old blog. So I’ll list my lame excuses in hopes the story behind them will produce meaningful content. Yea! Sam & Max on the Wii On April 3rd, Telltale Games announced that…

  • AT&T Filtering on AT&T’s Show

    Don’t have the time to put in my two cents in on the issue, but couldn’t pass up this opportunity to show you something really ballzy. This is Joel from BoingBoing Gadgets when he was asked to be on AT&T’s technology show.

  • Journalistic Perceptions of Gaming

    This morning I finally got around to writing that letter to On The Media (OTM) I’ve been meaning to write about. This week’s show had the first mention of a video game device/game that I recall on the show. The “Death Ray” segment had a commentator mentioning PS3’s Blu-ray playing abilities. I don’t find an…

  • Required Reading List

    Posted up an article page that lists (mostly) the books that I’ve used since my undergraduate years and to this day. Feel free to take a look and/or suggest more for the list! Required Reading