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  • A Video Game Legacy

    A Video Game Legacy

    After all these years, I finally visited the Letterman Digital Arts Center. The series of buildings that house most of LucasFilm and related offices. And of course, the Yoda statue. For the longest time I had this thought it was blocked off because… fandom. And the 24-hour staffed gate at the parking lot. After a…

  • “Shipping the Empty Box” Confirmed for PAX Dev!

    “Shipping the Empty Box” Confirmed for PAX Dev!

    “Shipping the Empty Box,” a panel by Seg, will be at PAX Dev 2014.

  • Making games is easy. Belonging is hard. #1ReasonToBe

    The following link is the transcript to Deirdra “Squinky” Kiai’s talk at the #1ReasonToBe panel.

  • Child’s Play, Ümloud! & Anitdote

    A few quick items of what’s been going on in my life and what’s to come. Child’s Play, Ümloud!, PAX East Panels For PAX East 2011, I reprised my role in the Child’s Play Charity panel. This time it was extra special as Kristin revealed the first full-time hire for Child’s Play, Jamie Dillion! You…

  • Late-night Thoughts on GDC 2011

    Four years ago, I came to GDC for a second time. After all of the years I put in trying to make interactive media as the source of income, I saw that trip as my last chance to get a foot in the door. That year, 2007, I broke a GDC rule. I got a…

  • Appearance on Boing Boing Video

    I will be on Boing Boing Video’s Live coverage of the Game Developer’s Conference tomorrow (Wens March 25) at 1:00pm PDT (-7 GMT). It’s a live stream and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get a clip of it for later. You’ll be able to view everything at the BoingBoing site: Boing Boing…

  • Back from PAX

    PAX was a very wonderful time! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves games of any sort. PAX is a very different tone of conference. Specifically for gamers; Not tacked on to a larger conference of other forms of media, nor a professionals only club. This is very significant in focus. I’ve been to…

  • See you at PAX!

    Checking in that I’ll be at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) starting tomorrow. I may or may not have my laptop back, so I’m unsure about being able to post. I will have my iPhone and will be uploading photos right as I take them. You’ll be able to view them all here: