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  • I’m on Orange Lounge Radio today!

    I’m on Orange Lounge Radio today!

    Seg talks on Orange Lounge Radio tonight!

  • Welcome Boing Boing People!

    Wanted to say a quick hello to the new visitors! My time with the Boing Boing crew was great and I hope you enjoyed my appearance. When ever Boing Boing Video posts the clip, I’ll post it on here. I’m curious to see how I came across on the video, King of Cosmos head and…

  • Appearance on Boing Boing Video

    I will be on Boing Boing Video’s Live coverage of the Game Developer’s Conference tomorrow (Wens March 25) at 1:00pm PDT (-7 GMT). It’s a live stream and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get a clip of it for later. You’ll be able to view everything at the BoingBoing site: Boing Boing…