New Resume & Portfolio

I created a new website featuring myself!

Seg's Resume Website

I needed a home to showcase myself professionally, so I started working on this site. While this blog fits to my occasional musing of writing, this is a more professional site highlighting my career of the past few years.

It gave me a chance to play around with Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome, which are now my new BFFs. Not only do they make development easier, it also scales very well for smaller screen devices like mobile phones. It’s also hosted on GitHub Pages. I wanted to stick to basic HTML this time around since it’s been such a long time. I also used LESS for CSS. While I’ve used SASS before for, Bootstrap uses LESS which made the workflow smoother. Finally, I used CodeKit to compile LESS and minify JavaScripts. Such a wonderful tool that I even paid money for it!

This isn’t the only website I released over the weekend, but it’s certainly the most important! A special thanks goes out to the number of people who’ve gave a lot of feedback during my process. Thank you all so much!

Now Accepting: Opportunities

Moving on from Telltale after five years, I’ve been taking a few days to figure out my next move. I absolutely want to continue working in the games industry. I may have more shipped titles than most (60+), but there’s a lot more I have to offer to this art form. I’ve checked off enough boxes of titles I grew up on (Sam & Max, Monkey Island) and even started some new works (Puzzle Agent). I want to continue making new works.

My strengths are creating strong narrative environments. This can happen at large institutions, but I also have a wide enough T stance to be great at either small teams or start-ups. I’ve worked and submitted games on every console/PC retailer and make games on most consoles.

Now leaves the question: What opportunity awaits me?

For anyone inquiring, here’s my resumé to start the journey.

Origin Story – Part 1

The following is a multi-part series about how I got into the game industry.

On the Something Awful forums, Nickoten asked me the process I took to get into the games industry. I’ve told people in person, but I realized I never wrote that whole story down. To fix this, I’m going to start writing about my journey to working in interactive media. I should preface this by saying that I don’t think anyone else can take this kind of path anymore as the landscape has changed significantly. What I do hope is the overall themes of my story can help others in their own paths.

The Beginnings

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