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  • My Telltale Layoff: A Follow Up

    My Telltale Layoff: A Follow Up

    I loved working at Telltale Games. This is what happened to me for that dedication.

  • My Friend Jory & Dreamfall Chapters

    My Friend Jory & Dreamfall Chapters

    This Friday June 17th, the final episode of Dreamfall Chapters will close a story told over 17 years. Starting with The Longest Journey in 1999, the storyline has been with me for my post high school professional career. This will be one of the last titles with the work of my friend, Jory Prum. I first met…

  • New Resume & Portfolio

    New Resume & Portfolio

    I created a new website featuring myself!

  • I’m on Orange Lounge Radio today!

    I’m on Orange Lounge Radio today!

    Seg talks on Orange Lounge Radio tonight!

  • Now Accepting: Opportunities

    After five years with Telltale Games, Seg starts the search for his next project.

  • The ending is not yet been written…

    As of last Wenendsay, I am no longer with Telltale Games. After over five years with the studio, I am now looking for other opportunities and projects to work on. This is the e-mail I sent to the studio and is what I also want to share with all of you. There are a lot of words…

  • Origin Story – Part 1

    The first in a multi-part series, Seg explains his journey though academia to become an accomplished game developer.

  • Welcome Boing Boing People!

    Wanted to say a quick hello to the new visitors! My time with the Boing Boing crew was great and I hope you enjoyed my appearance. When ever Boing Boing Video posts the clip, I’ll post it on here. I’m curious to see how I came across on the video, King of Cosmos head and…

  • Appearance on Boing Boing Video

    I will be on Boing Boing Video’s Live coverage of the Game Developer’s Conference tomorrow (Wens March 25) at 1:00pm PDT (-7 GMT). It’s a live stream and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get a clip of it for later. You’ll be able to view everything at the BoingBoing site: Boing Boing…

  • Where have I Gone?

    So.. it’s been a while since a real post. Quite a few reasons for that which I will quickly outline in order to pad this post. 1) I moved! I went from living in the North Bay where I was close to work but very far away from civilization, to living in the East Bay.…