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  • Rich Media Content on Social Media

    Rich Media Content on Social Media

    By adding a few HTML tags and an image, your links will be branded on social media in a way you can control.

  • The Quick Indie Guide to Protecting Your Accounts

    Hello! If a friend linked you here, it’s because they care about your online accounts from getting seriously steamrolled. While there’s always a degree of risk, these steps will cut that risk significantly. Where at worse, if one account becomes compromised, it doesn’t give the keys to everything else you have. Update: Crash Override Network’s tool C.O.A.C.H.…

  • Breaking DNS and Putting it Together Again (ish)

    Last Sunday I read an article in Wired Magazine about Dan Kaminsky who had discovered a flaw with one of the basic fundamentals of the Internet, the Domain Name System. The experts watched as Kaminsky opened his laptop and connected the overhead projector. He had created a “weaponized” version of his attack on this vulnerability to demonstrate its power.…